Utilize wisdom and understanding and analyze the textbook carefully!  Extract the information you need and that is beneficial for you and anything else that is not and will not contribute to your overall academic development place it in File 13. Textbooks are constantl...

Higher Education students it is vital that you don't fall into the trap of blaming others and making excuses because procrastination, fear, doubt, anxiety, insecurities and worry are knocking on your front door.  Putting excuses before priorities is a major NO, NO...

At one point or time in our lives we will need someone to explain something to us to get a better understanding. Although the information is present in the text, one can read and read but not truly grasp what the meaning of something is.  Obtaining or taking advantage...

There is nothing wrong with going to tutoring. Going to tutoring doesn't mean your dumb or that you are a slow learner.  Tutoring is designed to enhance one's knowledge and bring about a clearer understanding so students can excel academically in the classroom.

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College Success Tip #73 - Ponder Before You Post

November 6, 2018

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