Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting now offers THE EDUCATOR SUCCESS KIT™ by Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant.  THE EDUCATOR SUCCESS KIT™ includes essential resourceful tools targeted towards First-time, Current, Returning, Associate & Online Educators to promote a successful academic semester and school year.  


THE EDUCATOR SUCCESS KIT™ by Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant is a great value and may include but is not limited to the following Essential items for Educators:

  • USB Flash Drive
  • Folders
  • Fingertip moisteners 
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Pens/Pencils/Markers/Highlighters
  • Sanitizer
  • Teacher's Desk Necessities 
  • Year Planner/Organizer


Order the THE EDUCATOR SUCCESS KIT™ by Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant  as a GIFT, RESOURCE or MOTIVATIONAL TOOL for:

  • Certified New Teachers
  • Graduating Teacher Certification Candidates
  • First-time, Full-time Associate & New Educators
  • First-generation Educators
  • Returning Educators
  • Online Educators
  • Current Educators
  • Student - Teachers
  • Adjunct, Full-time & Tenured Professors
  • Christian Education Teachers
  • Upward Bound College Educators
  • Family Members, Friends & Coworkers 
  • Academic Outreach Organizations


Encourage Others to "Begin Early Preparation for Academic Success" with the necessary Teaching Tools. 


The Educator Success Kit ™ by Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant

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