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TARGET: Aiming To Focus on God - Bible Plan & Discussion Questions

The Target: Aiming To Focus on God - Bible Plan is available on the YouVersion Bible App. The Bible Plan & Discussion Questions are available today on the BEPC Online Store. This 5 - day Bible Plan was produced to encourage higher education candidates, administrators, faculty and staff to follow God's directives and Aim Towards the Target of Academic success and Godly Success in Jesus Christ.

Plan Description:

Aiming to Focus and accomplish God’s plan is a key target for true success. When individuals seek to obey God’s commands regarding His targeted plan for their lives positive consequences follow. This bible plan will encourage readers through scripture to obey God’s commands in the midst of the many distractions seeking to hinder their godly focus.

Click the link below or picture to be directed to the Plan's page:

Aiming towards the target,

Dr. Bryant

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