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Healthy Options Review: Lisanatti - The Good Cheese Alternative

Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting not only focuses on spiritual, academic and professional development we also aim to provide resourceful information for higher education students and professionals as it relates to healthy eating and lifestyle options. Pursuing a higher education or working within higher education can at times be very demanding. Getting out of balance is not something individuals seek to do but when schedules are busy and one's personal life undergoes challenges, something or someone suffers.

I remember as an undergraduate and graduate student as well as a professor carelessly making unwise decisions regarding my health. I was so focused on making good grades and completing tasks that I didn't focus on pursuing a healthy lifestyle in eating right and especially exercising. Aiming towards academic student success is great but neglecting one's health is not acceptable for overall wellness and achievement.

This feature of the Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting - College Success Blog is to provide resourceful information on Healthy Options for everyone, including: higher educational prospective and current students, professionals, family, staff and faculty.

Recently I had the opportunity to experience a healthy cheese alternative from the Lisanatti Foods Company. In need of a lactose free cheese, I discovered Lisanatti Foods online and at the Whole Foods Market. I reached out to the company to inquire more about their brands and promotions and was blessed to receive an assortment of their natural almond and rice cheese alternatives. The product I am reviewing for this blog post is their Original Almond Jalapeno Jack Cheese Chunk.

This was a delicious cheese alternative and I was surprised of the creaminess of the cheese. Unlike other cheese alternatives that promise melting quality, The Lisanatti Foods Original Almond cheese chunk melts just like traditional cheeses but serves as a healthier option. I paired the Original Jalapeno Jack Almond Cheese Chunk with Whole Wheat crackers for a light, delightful, fulfilling snack. This cheese alternative was delicious with a tolerable spicy kick to it.

Lisanatti prides itself in being identified as the No. 1 seller in many regions of our country as the Good Health Cheese Alternative. Lisanatti meets the strict requirements of many diets all while being free from GMO's, Lactose, Sugars, MSG, Gluten, Cholesterol, Saturated & Trans Fats. Lisanatti is not dairy free but contains some casein (dairy protein) which is suited for higher education students, faculty and staff maintaining a vegetarian diet. According to the Lisanatti Foods Companyhealth professionals recommend individuals with the following to enjoy The Good Health Cheese Alternative.

* Diabetes

* Celiac Disease

* Weight Management

* Heart and Overall Health

Not only does Lisanatti provide Almond Cheese Shreds and Chunks they have Rice Cheeze and SoySation: Chunks, Shreds & Slices. Lisanatti's customer service representative was exceptional and very friendly in providing information regarding the background of their business as well as answers to many of the questions I had about their cheese alternatives. They additionally provided resourceful information on the health benefits of consuming their cheese alternatives.

Lisanatti Foods is family owned and operated. The family owned business is located in Oregon and was developed 1976.

For additional information you can contact Lisanatti Foods - The Good Health Cheese Alternative via:

Toll free: 866-864-3922 Ext. 500

Aiming towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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