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In order to be successful at anything you put your mind to, I believe one must be motivated. You need to clearly state your reasons for completed the goal at hand, and why you are enthusiastic about it's completion. Over the years, I have witnessed countless students attend college courses, but are not motivated. Now there are several factors that contribute to one's motivational level, but all motivation should not only come externally. In order to truly see growth and accomplishment should begin intrinsically. Moody & Sherfield, 2014 indicate in order to achieve your potential and increase motivation a student should consider the following;

  • Develop a New Attitude

  • Make Excellence A Habit

  • Overcome your Doubts & Fears

  • Put Adversity, Failure & Challenges into perspective

  • Eliminate Negative Self-Talk and the " I Cant" Syndrome

  • Identify and Clarify What you Value in Life

  • Take Pride in your Name and personal character

  • Develop a Stong Personal "Guiding Statement"

Reference: Textbook: Sherfield, R. M., & Moody, P. G. (2013). Student success and career Development. Boston: Pearson

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