Christian Development: Debunking Sex Myths Bible Plan & Discussion Questions

The Debunking Sex Myths: With the Word of God Bible Plan is available on the BEPC Store & YouVersion Bible app NOW. This 5-day Bible Plan was produced to encourage individuals in aiming to live sexually pure lifestyle in and outside of marriage. Debunking the world's myths regarding sex is only effective when we utilize the word of God.

Plan Description

Don’t allow the sexual myths of this world as it relates to relationships negatively influence your commitment and walk with Jesus Christ. In the Debunking Sex Myths: With the Word of God Bible Plan & Accompanying Discussion Questions readers will discover through scripture the importance of actively Debunking Sex Myths with the word of God as they purposefully aim towards God’s target of sexual purity.

Debunking Sex Myths YouVersion Bible Plan Link

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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