Healthy Options Review: Go Raw Junk-Free Food

This month Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting had the opportunity to feature the company GO RAW for our monthly Healthy Options Review. The Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team was blessed and excited with an opportunity to review a variety of junk-free food snacks that contribute to one’s overall healthy lifestyle.

GO RAW has reinvented traditional snacks and currently focuses on making delicious junk-free foods that accommodate any lifestyle or diet. The company aims to create junk-free snacks through the production of simple and honest ingredients so individuals can freely enjoy their foods without guilt.

GO RAW prides itself in manufacturing;

  • Organic

  • Raw

  • Junk-Free

  • Gluten-Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • No Added Sugar

  • Soy-Free

  • Vegan

  • GMO- Free snacks that taste great.

The company has over 50 junk-free products that prospective and current higher education students, professionals and family members can try and even incorporate into their diets.

GO RAW has delicious snacks that are not only satisfying to one’s taste buds but perfect for late night study & training sessions and for Higher Ed personnel who want to eat right but stay on the go! The products serve as great additions for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as well as healthy treats for one’s mid-day or late night snack cravings.

GO RAW never uses canned or frozen ingredients when making their products. The company only buys organic ingredients at the peak of freshness to ensure quality.

GO RAW’s junk-free products include:

  • Salad Snax

  • Raw Chocolate

  • Sprouted Bites

  • Grow Protein Bars

  • Sprouted Seeds

  • Sprouted Granola

  • Coconut Crisps

  • Sprouted Flax Snax

  • Sprouted Bars

  • Sprouted Cookies

The Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team was blessed and excited to receive a boxed variety of GO RAW products to review for Higher Education prospective and current students as well as professors, administrators and college staff. GO RAW sent the BEPC Company a box of select products, which included:

  • GO RAW Zesty Pizza Sprouted Flax Snax

  • GO RAW Super Raw Chocolate

  • GO RAW Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

  • GO RAW Sunflower Seed Sprouted Flax Snax

  • GO RAW Banana Bread Sprouted Bites

My favorite GO RAW product items included:

  • GO RAW Super Raw Chocolate

  • GO RAW Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

  • GO RAW Banana Bread Sprouted Bites

The GO RAW Super Raw Chocolate was delightfully delicious. The Chocolate was smooth, rich and simply satisfying. It was refreshing to discover a decadent chocolate treat that is sugar-free, junk-free and only includes 2 ingredients.

The GO RAW Sprouted Watermelon Seeds and the GO RAW Banana Bread Sprouted Bites were equally tasty! GO RAW’s Banana Bread Sprouted Bites serve as a healthier option for one seeking to fulfill their banana bread cravings!

Our Blogging Team Members enjoyed GO RAW also, below are their reviews and comments:

“ GO RAW Zesty Pizza Sprouted Flax Snax and Super Raw Chocolate was my favorite! The Zesty Pizza Sprouted Flax Snax had a flavor that lived up to it’s name and was satisfying! GO RAW’s Super Raw Chocolate was simply the best!”

Kennita C. Bryant – BEPC Blogging Team

Masters of Architecture Candidate class of 2018

University of Houston

“ GO RAW snacks are great! My favorites are the Banana Bread Sprouted Bites and the Super Raw Chocolate. The Banana Bread Sprouted Bites was a big hit for me because the flavor reminded me of a banana nut muffin. This is a healthy alternative for a quick breakfast that is tasty and delightful!

Additionally GO RAW Super Raw Chocolate Bars were delectable. I especially like how this pure chocolate melts in your mouth. This by far is the best healthy alternative to enjoy instead of traditional chocolate candies. The best part is that GO RAW Super Raw Chocolate only has two ingredients!"

Kendrea J. Bryant, M.Ed – BEPC Blogging Team

Law School Candidate

Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction class of 2014

Texas Southern University

We want to thank GO RAW or the opportunity to review their select Sprouted Flax Snax, Super Raw Chocolate, Sprouted Watermelon Seeds & Banana Bread Sprouted Bites. I along with the Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team encourage you to try the variety of GO RAW Junk-Free Products as you aim towards academic and healthy success.

For additional information you can contact GO RAW via:


Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant

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