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God Comes Through On Time - Bible Plan & Discussion Questions

The 'God Comes Through on Time' - Bible plan is available on the YouVersion Bible App. This 6 - day Bible Plan was produced to encourage individuals and higher education candidates, administrators, faculty and staff to trust and remain faith in God's promised word regarding the plans He has for your life. No matter what you are facing in life remember that God will always Come Through on time for you!

The link is as follows:

Plan Description:

God is aware of everything you’re going through. Although there are moments in your life that appear as if God’s time is taking a long time, remember God always comes through on Time in every situation you encounter in life. In this Bible plan readers will discover through scripture that God’s timing and your obedience is linked to your victory!

Discussion Questions

We are elated to share the 'God Comes Through On Time' Bible Plan and Discussion Questions available on our website. Visit the BEPC STORE to download a copy of this plan and it's accompanying Discussion Questions.

This resourceful tool is essential for conversation starters as well as in-depth God-honoring discussions. The 'God Comes Through On Time' Bible Plan and accompanying discussion questions are great for:

* Family

* Friends

* Book Clubs

* Small Groups

* Church Groups

* Youth Groups & Ministries

* Higher Education Bible Studies

* College Ministries

* Corporate Bible Studies & More

Aiming towards the target,

Dr. Bryant

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