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HigherEd Style Review -

Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting is excited to feature this month’s Higher Education Style Review! Many Higher Education students, faculty and staff are seeking quality brands that meet their athletic style needs as it relates to comfortability, affordability, functionality, exceptional design and quality.

This month Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting had the opportunity to review TLF Apparel. TLF is not only a stylish brand but provides versatility to consumers. Students who are seeking a comfortable yet quality brand of apparel that is functional for an active lifestyle, TLF serves as an affordable, quality brand to invest in. Also for Higher Ed professionals seeking premium apparel for before work or after work fitness sessions, TLF is a brand to consider adding to one’s wardrobe.

TLF’s “Train Like A Freak” ideology is a statement of personal dedication for individuals who “ refuse to fail and settle for nothing short of perfection.”

TLF’s mission is to “Provide premium men’s and women’s athletic, lifestyle and bodybuilding apparel and accessories that are designed to push the limits of innovation and support human performance at the highest level via fit, wearability and functionality, while simultaneously providing an exclusive sense of style!”

TLF’s premium line of athletic wear and accessories focus on style and performance enhancement. The company pride’s itself in the production of products that are “unique in design and are inspired by the body’s ergonomic movement, shape and muscle structure. “

The Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team was blessed and excited to receive a package of TLF Apparel for Higher Education prospective and current students as well as professors, administrators and college staff. TLF sent the BEPC Company a package of select apparel items, which included 2 outfits:


  • TLF Moto Capri – Reptilia Bottoms

  • TLF TKO Sleeveless Hoodie

  • TLF Infinity Vex Sports Bra


  • TLF Infinity Chase Pants

  • TLF Coolest Tank Top

  • TLF CUSP Sports Bra

Our Blogging Team Members enjoyed the opportunity to review and work out in TLF’s Apparel, below are their reviews and comments:

“ TLF Athletic Apparel exceeded my expectations on affordability, quality, comfortability and functionality. I was blessed with the opportunity to review the TLF Infinity Chase Pants, Coolest Tank Top and CUSP Sports Bra. Overall each piece was thoughtfully crafted to meet the needs of the athletic consumer. Each piece is uniquely designed to enhance my personality as it relates to my style preferences and active lifestyle. Sometimes it's a challenge to discover athletic wear that is not only affordable but of great quality. TLF is now one of my favorite athletic brands and I recommend individuals who live an active lifestyle to invest in their athletic apparel and accessories.”

Kennita C. Bryant – BEPC Blogging Team

Masters of Architecture Candidate class of 2018

University of Houston

“ I live an active lifestyle and I can honestly say I really enjoy TLF’s Athletic Wear. I was additionally blessed with the opportunity to review TLF’s: Moto Capri- Reptilia Bottoms, TKO Sleeveless Hoodie & Infinity Vex Sports Bra. I’ve worn each item several times now and when I do my morning work-out/training sessions the quality of TLF’s clothing is impeccable. The TKO Sleeveless Hoodie is not only fashionable but the mesh design allows air to keep me cool whether I'm doing an intensive or light work-out.

The Moto Capri – Reptilia Bottoms are my favorite, the compression pattern design is perfect while it controls and effectively fits around my waist area. This brand of athletic wear is so versatile from working out, running errands and even in social settings. It’s almost as if this brand was made specifically for me because it flows well with my body and natural movement. This is a great brand!”

Kendrea J. Bryant, M.Ed- BEPC Blogging Team

Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction class of 2014

Texas Southern University

We want to thank TLF Athletic Apparel for the opportunity to review their select TLF Infinity Chase Pants, Coolest Tank Top, CUSP Sports Bran, Moto Capri – Reptilia Bottoms, TKO Sleeveless Hoodie & Infinity Vex Sports Bra. I along with the Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team encourage you to invest in the quality collection of TLF Athletic Apparel and Accessories as you aim towards academic and healthy success.

For additional information you can contact TLF Athletic Apparel via:

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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