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College Success Tip #42 - School Supply Essentials

The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.

Proverbs 22:3

It is important for Higher Education students to obtain the necessary tools for a successful academic start. Higher Education is an Investment and students must be able to weigh the options of making academic investments to assist and enhance their Higher Education experience.

Many students don’t like making additional purchases but there are some investments Higher Education students might want to consider that will have major payoffs in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

I have comprised a list of the Top 13 School Supply Investments needed for Higher Education Students (Undergraduate and Graduates School Students).

  1. USB Disk Drive – Vital for saving assignments on the computer and can be easily carried.

  2. Laptop Computer – Although Higher Education institutions have computer labs on campus, There is an issue when the computers have technical issues and errors and if one cannot effectively access them due to the influx of students and lab hours. Owning a laptop computer could possibly be in one’s best interest because if taken care of it can be used in college and in one’s career or personal use.

  3. Printer – Similar to the above statement regarding the laptop computer, Higher education students should consider investing in a printer to print out assignments and projects without the hassle of sharing a computer lab with several students and coming into issues like “no ink” “no paper” “no internet connection.”

  4. Special Equipment – As it relates to the one’s major field of study one should consider investing in equipment that will not only be conducive for their academic success but for their career success as well.

  5. Watch - To keep the higher education student on track as it relates to class schedule and study targets.

  6. Water – Hydration is key. Higher Education students can get so caught up in their assignments that they can forget to eat or drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Don’t make this mistake, Hydrate.

  7. Quality Backpack – With all of the books one has to carry on and off a Higher Education campus, owning a quality backpack is essential. Invest in a backpack that is durable, reliable and has room.

  8. Healthy Light Snacks – Higher Education students must be mindful of healthy eating. Not only can one forget to drink water, it is important to EAT.

  9. Academic Organizer/Planner – Planners are resourceful tools in keeping Higher Education students on target for due dates, assignments and their personal schedules.

  10. Spiral Notebook/Journal – Journals are a great resource for each course to keep notes organized and in order.

  11. Notecards – Are beneficial for the many definitions and concepts one needs to remember. Be sure to purchase a couple of packages of Notecards for each course.

  12. Highlighters – Great for capturing and zoning in on important concepts and definitions.

  13. Pencils/Pens – In order to write down any information that is useful, resourceful or beneficial a pen or pencil must be at one’s disposal. Consider investing in a variety of writing utensils.

To order your College Success Kit ™ by Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant feel free to head over to the BryantEPC Store and place your order(s) today.

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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