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College Success Tip #54 - Unexpected Situations

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

Unexpected things occur in life. Although we try to plan for the best and unexpected outcomes challenges still arise that sometimes cause us to rethink our approach for a favorable outcome.

For the Higher Education student those unexpected situations vary from a funeral, car troubles, family dynamics, relational issues, personal challenges, work matters and so much more.

When issues arise, it is important for the higher education student to remain faithful and prayerful that although this challenge is present, you are a still a champion in Christ and the plans He has for your life.

You could be a higher education student who has class at 5:30 p.m. and on your way to go to class, your babysitter, family member, friend or trusted person who watches your children or siblings states that they can’t that day due to a family emergency. Now you’re stuck because you have to get to class and you can’t leave the children unattended. My tip is to first pray and ask God for wisdom, guidance and understanding on how you will get through this matter.

I am not encouraging people to bring their children or siblings to school but I have seen it happen several times on emergency basis only. Students never made it a priority to always bring their children with them, but in the event, they did their professors were lenient and caring. (Depending on the professor.) I’ve witnessed as a student and professor this scenario happen and professors didn’t call out the student or make them feel inferior, they just proceeded with class and some way the child captured the teachers heart causing the professor to show favor to the individual and child.

Now I’ve witnessed scenarios when the professor was not a happy camper nor were the peers but that was a day the Higher education student had to go home for that day and pick it back up the following class day.

Just because unexpected situations arise, don’t feel discouraged, continue in aiming towards the target towards your academic and God-honoring targets and you will persevere in power, knowing without a doubt that God came through on time during every challenge.

Also, no matter how challenging college gets only leave your child or siblings with trusted individuals, don’t ever get desperate to attend school and class and you put your loved ones in harm’s way, because that will yield more traumatic results than missing one class. Remember that. It is better to bring them with you to see the outcome than to leave them with someone who is a danger and to regret that outcome.

Be encouraged and keep fighting the good fight of faith and always aim towards the target!

Peace & God Bless.

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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