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College Success Tip #55 - Go To Your Own Class!

So, teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

College is all about persistence, discipline, commitment and time management. But in order to obtain the importance of the previously stated qualities, higher education students must seek God-honoring wisdom, guidance, understanding and revelation on how to operate effectively as a higher education degree seeking student.

With so many distractions in society today, it is so easy to get off target. Social media can serve as a distraction for the student who puts more time in viewing what their peers and others are doing than focusing on their higher education goals.

Entertainment can serve as a distraction when inappropriately prioritized in one’s life.

Disgraceful, ungodly, behaviors, addictions and lifestyles serve as a major distraction that take our mind and time away from living the life God requires and completing the tasks God has for one to accomplish.

The distraction of family issues whether positive or negative can push one’s goals aside in order to appease or engage what is going on.

And, the distraction of friends, classmates and peers can serve as a distraction because while one is building a relationship time is required but sometimes that time is mismanaged causing students to miss the mark in their higher education completion goals.

For example students in higher education are balancing so much, and when they meet individuals who are in the same situations as them they are able to relate. Sometimes this relating creates a relationship and then before you know it students are inseparable, whether it is for a semester of the duration of the higher education journey.

But I want to encourage higher education students today that although God-honoring relationships are encouraged, Students must manage their time wisely and remain accountable for their time.

3 ways Higher Education students can manage their time wisely whilst maintaining accountability is to:

  1. GO TO YOUR OWN CLASS – Although you have a friend who informs you of their class schedule, and you want to meet up with them, that is all good. But if your friend has class and you don’t have class during that time, utilize that time for study, recharging (sleep, snacks, lunch) or to get business taking care of. Don’t waste time going to their class just to sit in (they are completing their work and assignments while you are not managing your time wisely.)

  2. CREATE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE – Don’t create your academic schedule, breaks and study times for friends. It’s sad to say but everybody who starts with you will not finish with you. So keep your schedule and remain consistent.

  3. FOLLOW YOUR OWN PLAN – Go to your own class and follow your Degree plan. Don’t prioritize someone’s basket weaving course for your chemistry class. You are on another plan, stick to the plan so you can graduate. That basket weaving course is not on your curriculum and can’t help you during your academic journey.

Be encouraged!

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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