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200th Aim Towards The Target Podcast Episode!!

To God Be The Glory! I've reached a major achievement and I want to Thank God first and foremost for the opportunity and the creative ability to pursue a desired goal of mine which was to share relevant information to individuals pursuing and Aiming towards their academic & God honoring targeted goals.

It is not easy to pursue a Higher education degree and it is even harder when one doesn't have the tools, advice or support on campus or off campus. My goal for this podcast was to inform individuals about College tips and to also encourage individuals as they journey through life but always remembering that God is with them and they are already victorious as it has been identified and promised to us in God's Most Holy Word. Aiming towards any God-honoring Targeted Goal is not possible without Keeping God first and adhering to His word, wisdom, will and way.

I want to personally thank all the listeners and supporters of the AIM TOWARDS THE TARGET PODCAST and as more content is produced and distributed my prayer is that more individuals are encouraged. I believe this podcast audience will continue to grow and more Divine connections, opportunities and placements are birthed from this seed I am sowing into many individuals. I believe it and I expect great things to happen in the coming weeks, months and years! Thank you!

I had no idea that those many years ago when I was journeying through my Academic Higher Education Journey during the Bachelor, Masters & Doctorate Degrees that I would one day assist so many individuals not only in education but in ministry as I encourage individuals to Keep God First!

I thank every listener and supporter for daily downloads, subscriptions and sharing the podcast with their friends, family members, loved ones, coworkers, church friends, neighbors and students! Thank you!

More Tips are coming soon as well as more encouraging Bible Plans & Discussion Questions! Thank you! Let's Continue to Aim Towards the Target!

Feel free to download and subscribe to the "AIM TOWARDS THE TARGET PODCAST" Available on All Major Podcast Platforms. (Google PlayMusic, iTunes, Stitcher, RadioPublic, Anchor & So Much More!)

Peace & God Bless!!

Thank you!

Aiming Towards The Target,

Dr. Bryant

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