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College Success Tip # 58 - Record The Lecture!

In all toil there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 14:23

Going to class and receiving an overload of information can be somewhat alarming and overwhelming for some Higher education students.

Sometimes when taking notes in class, paying attention and aiming to stay focused can be an absolute challenge as one strives to effectively grasp everything the instructor is stating or even write key concepts and terms down in an organized manner.

There are some instructors who have teaching styles that differ from a HigherEd students' learning style and this can be an issue causing the student to get so caught up aiming to retain information that in reality break their focus, concentration and flow of processing course information.

A College Success Tip that I want to share with individuals who are prospective, returning, online and current students is to Audio Record the Lecture. With so many smart phones, smart tablets and smart devices students in this day and age have the advantage of audio recording the instructor so that one can review the notes later all whilst replaying the lecture. Online students can do it too! Similar to face to face instruction when the instructor is reviewing important concepts in the classroom, Virtually online instructors do the same thing during chats, web lectures and audio discussion sessions. Recording the lecture is beneficial for the online student to review similar to face to face physical classroom settings.

Audio Recording the lecture has its benefits which include:

1. Allowing the student to release the pressure of getting everything in one class setting and taking the time to really pay close attention and follow the instructor, giving ample time and opportunity for questions, concerns and reflections.

2. Audio recording the lecture creates an opportunity for the student during their individual study time to reflect and review contents and concepts they missed and if a question, concern or complaint arises the student can rewind and listen to the lecture, make notes and converse with the instructor during office hours or the next class setting. Students additionally have the option to converse with the teacher's assistant or a tutor for further review and explanations of class assignments and homework.

Higher Education students don't feel like you have to pressure yourself to write down every word, every example, every problem and every solution presented from your instructor. If the class is fast paced then try your best to keep up but if the class is slow paced and you are excelling, great!..but no matter what don't stress, record the lecture and go back to review it.

Consistency in listening to something over and over again and studying it will help with your overall Higher Education success as you aim towards the target of Higher Education Degree Attainment.

Another thing, you don't have to broadcast to your instructor and your classmates that you are recording the lecture for your academic use. Just get it done.

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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