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College Success Tip # 62 - Take Advantage of Course Resources.

So Philip ran to him and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?”

Acts 8:30

At one point or time in our lives we will need someone to explain something to us to get a better understanding. Although the information is present in the text, one can read and read but not truly grasp what the meaning of something is. Obtaining or taking advantage or resources to assist you in the content is truly an asset. Higher Education students don't be alarmed when an instructor advises all of their students to take advantage of the course's outside resources.

Some examples of Course Outside Resources include:

1. Tutoring

Tutoring with the Teacher's Assistant and Peer Tutors can truly be beneficial for a Higher Education student seeking additional help in the class. Depending on your school's availability there are some programs that offer weekly tutoring or even online tutoring sessions available sessions for students who can't make the face to face meetings.

2. Writing Labs

Another Course Resource that your instructor could possibly advise you about is a attending a Writing Lab. Writing Labs are Editing meetings where students can go to get additional assistance on writing techniques as it relates to grammar, spelling, punctuation and creating an outline. Whenever attending a Writing Lab be sure to bring a copy of your paper with you. Also make sure that the individual who is proof reading your work is not in the same class with you and experiencing writing troubles of their own. If this is this case at least you came to the writing lab to see what it was about and now you can go about your merry way.

3. Course Software/Online Learning Programs

Additionally your instructor could advise you about online course resources in the form of software or a web address that takes you straight to the course's textbook publisher where a variety of online resources are at your fingertips. Most of the time higher education students are asked to input their class information, professor's name, etc. to gain access and begin homework help, content drills, key definitions, and problem solution scenarios that allow the Higher Educations student to become more aware of the course content all whilst gaining a deeper understanding.

4. Study Sessions

Another Course resource some professors offer include Study Sessions where the professor or the teacher's assistant allocates time on the weekend or weekly for students to come in take notes and ask questions as it relates to upcoming assignments, tests and quizzes. In some cases some professor even a RE-TEACH or host REFRESHER session of the content previously taught in class. I personally think Study Sessions are beneficial, when quality instructors are facilitating them.

All of the above stated course resources are examples of what your instructor could present to you, the higher education student to take advantage of as it relates to your academic success. Instructors introduce Course resources to students because they are designed to assist students in gaining further knowledge and understanding in a particular subject matter.

Higher Education students Professors are aware of the many challenges you face, and there are some professors who are willing to assist students so that academic success is attainable in the classroom.

My tip to Higher Education students is to not AUTOMATICALLY DISMISS Course resources presented by your instructor. Course Resources do require some commitment for students who are serious about their education. Although one might have to go to work and have several personal and professional obligations, if passing the class that you are having trouble in is important, engaging and taking responsibility in attending or participating in a Course resource will truly benefit you.

Don't focus on if your friends are going to tutoring or if you will be looked at as a "DUMMY" Don't worry about that because your goal is Degree Attainment not focusing on what others are saying about you as you AIM TOWARDS THE TARGET Of Higher Education Success.

If your friends don't go, that's fine just make sure you do. Also just because these resources are offered doesn't necessarily mean you have to go all the time. Always go check out the Course Resources that are being provided and choose the one that fits you.


Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards The Target,

Dr. Bryant

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