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College Success Tip # 64 - Analyze The Textbook Carefully.

It is vital for Higher Education students to be mindful that Textbooks used for instruction and teaching can be combined with factual information as well as the author's opinions. The author's opinions and written views can influence the reader and even the educator.

Although textbooks are similar as it relates to being a tool for instruction and knowledge, all textbooks have differing uses and components. A Science textbook is different from an English textbook, just as a Music Theory Textbook is different from a Calculus textbook.

Although a Science textbook will contain factual information regarding scientific laws and equations the author of that textbook can implement their opinions, perspectives and views on certain issues associated with scientific studies or cases.

This is not to say that the author is outside of the boundaries of providing their thoughts, comments and opinions as it relates to the scope of scientific studies and laws but students must analyze what is fact from fiction and truth from tales.

Higher Education students Authors are not perfect and one could have a textbook where there are 2-4 authors who have differing frames of reference on an issue and that is why it is vital for the Higher Education student to focus on the facts . If on focuses on everyone's opinion then an issue will occur in the understanding of the core and foundation of the subject matter.

For anyone studying: English, Political Science, Math, Music, Education, Chemistry, Psychology, General Studies, Communications, Child Development, Athletics, Business, Architecture, Industrial Technology, Health/Nutrition, Marketing, Business Management, etc. NO MATTER WHAT analyze the textbook and DON'T take EVERYTHING AS SOLID GOLD & FACTS!

Higher Education textbooks are updated on a yearly sometimes semester-ly basis because errors exists and new information to studies are modified and revamped. Sometimes the authors or publishers believe new information should be implemented in a new edition of textbooks for the same course to enhance the overall scope of the textbook and to expose students to new areas of information, practices and methods..

Analyze the textbook because it is always a current work in progress as long as the subject matter exists.

Higher Education students exercise wisdom and understanding and analyze the textbook carefully! Extract the beneficial information you need and mentally discard anything else that is not and will not contribute to your overall academic development.

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant

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