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College Success Tip #71 - Create an Appropriate Email Address.

Higher Education Students I strongly suggest that you create an email address that is professional or acceptable to say out loud and one that doesn't cause embarrassment for you. Netiquette involves displaying proper network etiquette and proper email address creation fits within that category.

I’ve had many discussions with my students about their email addresses and some were very thankful that someone told them that the email addresses they currently had were not conducive to the intellectual learning environment they were in. But I've had other students brazenly inform me that they “weren’t changing for nobody” and the email addresses they created were what they wanted to use to share with professors, peers, professionally and with academic administrators.

All I can do is offer tips and advice, I can’t make anyone do anything at all. I understand email addresses can be used as a unique form of expression but email addresses are not social media profile user names. Most individuals who utilize email addresses use them for an array of purposes as it relates to their financial statements for banks, bills, school updates, correspondence with professors, peers and their professional work environment. College students try not to create an email addresses with trendy words, explicit actions or dishonorable adjectives because those trends pass by and most likely you will not want to be identified with dishonorable names.

Creating an email address that can be used for the use of professional and academic interactions is wise. If one has an email address that they wouldn’t want their Grandmother, Grandfather or Pastor to repeat out loud it might be a good idea to create another one for professional, business, social and academic use.

Some great email combinations for individuals to consider when creating a new email address to share with classmates, professionals or businesses include:

Your first initial and Last name with a special character to separate the two

Your last name and Birth Year

Also Higher Education students can include their middle initial or middle name with last name or switch up the order according to their personal preference.

Whatever you choose to do please make sure to not include personal information within your email address.

A scripture to encourage you in your path is Proverbs 2:11 “Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.”

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant


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