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College Success Tip #73 - Ponder Before You Post

Higher Education students it is of extreme importance that you take a moment and Ponder before you Post an image, comment, video or written content on your Social Media profiles. So many students don’t understand the power of an image and the lasting effect it has on the viewer. There is an old adage that states “It’s Not Wise To Judge A Book By Its Cover” but unfortunately so many people do, even though they don’t know the character of the individual in photos. But, one can make some pretty accurate assumptions of what a person likes, enjoys, engages in all by the photos one posts on their social media profiles.

It is important for College students to Ponder Before Posting a Social media image, video or even written content because those are most likely one’s original photos of their personal experiences, original thoughts, original likes and original written messages to others.

College students should aim to aim towards the target of practicing proper “Netiquette” Network Etiquette.

College students I encourage you all to Ponder Before You Post, also this is a great tip for professors as well. Professors Aim to Ponder Before You Post!

College students not only are your professors, college peers and potential hiring professionals viewing your social media profiles to gather more information about you, Professors students are doing the same thing to you also.

It’s all about getting background information about someone and Social media makes it easier for some individuals to acquire the knowledge they were searching for all along.

“Individuals seem to crave to learn more about people by what they are not sharing publicly to get a sense of who they are privately.” – Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant

College Students Be mindful of the following posts and their long lasting impression to others concerning you:

  • Pictures

  • Comments to Others

  • Liked Photos

  • Tagged Photos

  • Live Videos

  • Written content regarding your beliefs, stands and opinions

Aim to utilize proper Netiquette to steer clear from attacking, belittling or engaged deliberate inappropriate acts.

College students, whatever you decide to post on social media is public information . Although many people make aims to update their privacy settings, the information is still public because the friends and followers that one allows them to engage with their social media profiles, anyone following them can view and share it with whomever they choose.

Netiquette is very important Higher Education students in all forms of technological communication. Aim to utilize wisdom and Ponder Before You Post.

A scripture to encourage you in your path is Luke 6:45 (NLT) “A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.”

Peace & God Bless.

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant


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