Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting is based in Texas serving Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, Greater Houston Areas and MORE. BEPC focuses heavily on higher education readiness and career success. In addition BEPC assists businesses, organizations and institutions in curriculum and professional development.  


Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting holds true to the belief that higher education success is attainable when students, faculty, staff and family members are encouraged, motivated and informed before and during the higher education experience. In addition to higher education aims, BEPC believes that educators and stakeholders within academic institutions, businesses and organizations can excel in their team building and professional outcomes with a customized curriculum catered toward professional development and training.   


The vision and mission of Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting is to effectively assist individuals in targeting and achieving their educational and professional goals.  


Kennetra A. Bryant, Ed.D


Dr. Bryant is a triple graduate from Texas Southern University. Dr. Bryant earned her Doctoral Degree in Education: Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Higher Education Success. Dr. Bryant also earned her Masters Degree in Education: Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Business Education and a Bachelors Degree in Music emphasis Piano and a minor in Business Administration.


Dr. Bryant currently works with school districts and academic institutions in their efforts to excel in curriculum and instruction as well as professional development. Dr. Bryant is also a certified mediator serving individuals, families, students and educational institutions. 



 Dr. Bryant started a Higher Education Blog to encourage individuals in their individual stage of academic progression. The Blog is full of advice and tips for overall higher education success.   


" My aim is to encourage, empower, and equip individuals as they aim towards their targeted academic and God-honoring goals."-

Kennetra A. Bryant, Ed.D


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