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REARGUARD - Bible Plan & Discussion Questions

The Rearguard Bible plan is available on the YouVersion Bible App. The Rear Guard Bible Plan & Discussion Questions are available on the BEPC Online Store today. This 5 - day Bible Plan is to encourage higher education candidates, administrators, faculty and staff that God has your back. God continuously protects his children in any obstacle. Keep your focus on God and aim to have a deeper relationship with him in obedience and love.

The link is as follows:

Plan Description:

God is our loving, faithful, reliable Father who continuously supports, stabilizes and secures every one of his children. God is concerned about every detail of our lives. In the Rear Guard Bible Plan readers will discover biblical truths regarding God’s promises of protection, provision and deliverance despite any obstacle. God fights our battles and handles unexpected surprise attacks from the enemy. There is absolutely no plan that can succeed against Him.

Aiming towards the target,

Dr. Bryant

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