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College Success Tip #72 - Consider Conversing Times

Higher Education students make it your Aim to maintain proper “Netiquette” by respecting other people’s time as well as your own. Be mindful of the hours of the day you aim to converse with your professors and peers. With so many forms of technological communication individuals can converse with anyone at any time and sometimes forget that boundaries must be set. Remember that although you send questions, concerns or complaints to your professors or peers regarding any academic relevance they do not have to respond to you immediately.

No matter how many emails one sends throughout the course of a day respecting people’s time should be paramount. I understand that personal emergencies occur but if one has to send an email or text I suggest that you remain as respectful as possible.

Some emails, calls and texts can wait until a suitable hour for both parties. Now, as it relates to discussion board posts or submitting work online through your College’s Online Learning Management System that is the student’s prerogative. A college student can post or submit assignments any hour, but harassing professors and peers during crazy hours as well as demanding that all their time be allocated to exclusively them totally unacceptable.

Higher Educations students take a moment and allow people to check and respond to emails at their earliest opportunity. With technology being at one’s fingertips it’s more than likely than one’s professor or peer can respond before the day is up unless there is an emergency. If the response time frame is too long for the Higher Education student consider waiting and then Follow up with an email, text or call. Don’t become a SPAMMER.

It’s all about practicing proper “Netiquette”.

Aim to converse at reasonable hours and if you have to send an email late at night or early in the morning make sure the email or text is STRICTLY ACADEMIC RELATED, nothing outside of that.

Also if you feel as if individuals are continuously and purposefully stepping outside of your Academic Boundaries of Respect Let them know. Inform your Peers that you only respond to emails after or before a certain time on certain days and not to harass you. (In a respectful tone of course.)

Also it’s nothing wrong with letting individuals know “If one’s emails, texts or calls are not about the particular area of Study in This Course, Not to bother you with it”.(If you have someone trying to cross boundaries that you don’t want crossed of course!)

It’s all about Aiming to practice proper Netiquette! Aim to respect your time as well as your Professors and Peers.

A scripture to encourage you in your path is Matthew 7:12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and of the Prophets.”

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant


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