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College Success Tip # 65 - Avoid Regression

What is Regression as it relates to Academic development?

Regression is the act of moving backwards to a previous or worse condition than what one started or the act of reasoning backwards.

In what areas will I need to Avoid Regression?

I'm glad you asked.

It's easy to fall into regression that's why I am encouragingly warning every student to Avoid it, because one can fall victim to Regression whilst studying anytime.

For example regression appears when you’ve been assigned work for a class and you really aren’t interested in the subject matter. Or you could be reading 50 pages of an assigned reading for a written in class examination but you begin focusing on the laundry list of items you must complete and do before the weekend or even what you will eat for lunch or dinner.

Now there are things that come into our thoughts that we can’t control but we can control how long we think about those thoughts. That’s why it is important to Check your thoughts and emotions whilst studying.

So here are a few tips for Higher education students as it relates to Avoiding Regression whilst studying.

  1. Check yourself! - It’s understandable that ever assignment that your instructor gives will not be interesting. But Aim to not go into the study session with a negative attitude. The negative attitude will shape your study session to complaining and finding excuses to get out of it or why you shouldn’t need to follow instructions. Aim to have a positive attitude and press forward.

  2. Check your thoughts - Now that you’ve checked yourself it’s time to check your thoughts. As I’ve stated earlier one can control the thoughts that appear in their minds sometimes but one can control how long they dwell on them. If your are thoughts aren’t matching with what you need to read and do for the course then check them and make sure they align. When one doesn’t check their thoughts then the mind wanders and it takes a while to get everything back on target. Aim to not get out of your academic study groove.

  3. Take Breaks - Don’t aim to read a long passage or study for a long period of time straight thru. Take breaks! The breaks should be short and effective. Aim for 5-7 minute breaks during long reading passages whilst studying. Anything longer than that can result to getting into another distraction that will take you off your academic reading target and cause other issues down the line. *If you are not focused at all, STOP reading all together, REFOCUS, take a break and then get back to it by trying it again.

  4. Annotate - Whilst reading long passages at a time consider getting a spiral notebook a pen and highlighter to take notes whilst reading. This will help you stay on Target by writing down key terms, questions and making small summaries of paragraphs and pages you’ve read.

  5. Review Out Loud - Take a moment and review what you’ve read after so many pages out loud, not shouting but audibly verbalize what you’ve learned, so you can hear it as you go . This will help you grasp the understanding and be able to go back to seek out information to questions or key points that interest you.

  6. Share What you’ve learned - Take a moment after you’ve read the assigned reading or even during a break to let someone know what you’ve read. You’d be surprised how someone might be interested to learn what you’ve just reviewed or they might have some input to contribute. This will help you retain information because you are now sharing what you’ve learned and you are learning to communicate in a face to face interaction that might help in a written interaction later.

And you already know what the 7th Tip is……………...

7. PRAY - Ask God for wisdom, insight and knowledge on how you can Avoid Regression not only in your study sessions but also in every area and aspect of your life.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you." - Psalm 32:8

Be encouraged Higher Education students!

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

Peace & God Bless

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