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Higher Education Checklist

The Fall 2016 – 2017 School Year is quickly approaching. Although Summer break just started a couple of weeks ago, it would be wise to begin gathering much needed supplies before the Back to School rush in August.

I’ve discovered that gathering supplies little by little before a major deadline helps with time, stress and focus.

I have comprised a helpful list for Undergraduate & Graduate students targeting the top 7 items you’ll most likely need for a successful academic journey ahead. You probably already have the items but I wanted to reinforce why the items in our list are essential for undergraduate & graduate students.

Now don’t forget about the essential items such as; paper, pens, notebooks, USB disk drives, lanyards, highlighters, index cards, pencils, Scantrons, correction tape, etc.

The list for Undergraduate & Graduate Students includes:


You will have a lot of books you’ll need to read and study from to be successful in your college courses, but the one book you’ll need to navigate life’s journey is the Word of God. One tip would be to purchase a Bible with a translation that you can read and understand, because you’ll be studying from this book daily.


A quality backpack is essential for individuals in higher education. I remember my freshman year at Texas Southern University purchasing a backpack that was small and trendy. That backpack gave me so much trouble and didn’t even make it through the whole semester. A tip would be to purchase a backpack that can handle the books & supplies you’ll have to carry. Your backpack can be trendy, fashionable and stylish but make sure that it is equipped for the journey ahead. Also purchase a backpack that lasts!

Graduate Students there is nothing wrong with carrying a backpack, if anything it is convenient, comfortable and quick. Don’t worry you will still look like a serious grad student.


During your higher education journey you will do a lot of walking. Be sure to purchase quality-walking shoes, because everyday will feel like a workout!


Hydration is key! Some college classrooms are not next door to each other. Oftentimes students have to walk a significant distance within a specific time-frame. The heat and humidity could possibly make one feel like their energy has been zapped from them. One thing you want to do is stay hydrated and Rehydrate with water!


This is a multivitamin that is made from real organic nutritious foods. Be sure to contact and consult with your healthcare physician and nutritionist for the best multivitamin supplement for you.


Purchasing a printer and personal computer is beneficial for your academic journey.


For individuals who have purchased a Personal Computer investing in Microsoft Office is a good idea especially if it is not already installed on your PC.

Once again these are tips for the Undergraduate & Graduate student as they prepare for the 2016-2017 Academic School year.

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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