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Healthy Options Review: Second Nature Medleys

Finding a unique snack mix is a challenge. In my pursuit of seeking a unique fulfilling snack mix I discovered mixes that were salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy and even spicy. The mixes I’ve tried were definitely unique but not exactly what I was looking for.

Recently I had the opportunity to try a new variety of snacks Second Nature’s Simplicity, California & Wholesome Medleys! I can honestly say that Second Nature’s medleys met my top requirements of being tasty, healthy and fulfilling!

I recommend every Higher Education prospective & current student as well as professors, administrators & staff to try Second Nature’s Medley’s because they are convenient snacks that will satisfy one’s hunger throughout the day which is beneficial for one’s academic, healthy & professional journey.

Second Nature focuses on “Instinctively Good Snacking” and stands on their philosophy that the “foundation of a strong mind and body starts with what you eat – and what you eat is best when found in nature. With proper portions and smarter choices, snacking can enhance, rather than hurt, your diet.”

We were blessed with the opportunity to blog about select Second Nature’s; Simplicity, California & Wholesome Medleys. Below are some of the key the dynamic qualities of Second Nature’s Medleys:

* Gluten-free

* Kosher certified

* No preservatives, artificial ingredients, colors or additives

* Use of natural ingredients

* Sodium-free on select medleys.

Additional features regarding each Medley is as follows:

Second Nature’s Simplicity Medley includes a natural assortment of sodium-free:

* Whole Almonds

* Dried Cranberries

* Whole Cashews

* Sunflower Kernels

* Dried Blueberries

Second Nature’s Wholesome Medley includes a natural decadent assortment of:

* Dark Chocolate

* Cherries

* Cranberries

* Whole Almonds

* Whole Cashews

* Whole Peanuts

Second Nature’s California Medley includes natural sodium free ingredients:

* Raisins

* Dried Cranberries

* Whole Almonds

* Pistachios

I enjoyed all three medleys but my favorites were the Simplicity Medley & the Wholesome Medley. The Simplicity Medley was light and fulfilling and although the Wholesome Medley was not Sodium-Free the Sodium count was only 30mg, which is significantly lower than other fruit nut medley’s I’ve tried. The Wholesome Medley’s decadent dark chocolate pieces met my targeted expectations!

Our Blogging Team Members enjoyed Second Nature’s Medleys also, below are some of their comments:

“Second Nature’s Simplicity Medley is set apart from any other snack mix I’ve ever had. This mix didn’t taste sugary like candy but tasted fresher. I would recommend Second Nature to anyone looking for a good, honest, wholesome fruit & nut mix. “

Kennita C. Bryant – BEPC Blogging Team

Masters of Architecture Candidate class of 2018

University of Houston

“This is a delicious fruit & nut mix. Second Nature’s California Medley is my favorite. Great for students and professionals on the go!”

Kendrea J. Bryant, M.Ed – BEPC Blogging Team

Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction class of 2014

Texas Southern University

We thank Kar’s Nuts and Second Nature for the opportunity to review their Second Nature: Simplicity, California & Wholesome Medleys! I along with the Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team encourage you to try Second Nature’s Medleys as you aim towards academic and healthy success.

For additional information you can contact Second Nature Snacks via:

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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