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College Success Tip # 4

Organization is Key

Let's imagine, that you just graduated from High school. In High school coursework was easy. You did not need to study for test because you memorized your notes. You could play video games and talk on the phone all night and you were still a A or B+ student. Then you graduated from high school and you attended your first week of college. You still stay home with your parents and you have your own car. College seems like so much fun, you don't have to go to classes everyday and you have a new schedule, you have a 8:00 a.m. class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then a gap until your 1:00 p.m. class. Your professor tells you and your classmates that you have 3 chapters to read a week and a test every two weeks. This doesn't sound to bad. You also have 3 other courses you are enrolled and one teacher gives you 5 chapters to read in one week with group assignments and you have an online class. Professors are laid back, so you are laid back to. You continue to stay up all night playing video games, going out and talking on the phone and don't take advantages of class breaks to study.

Do you believe the organizational methods you displayed in high school are conducive to the organizational skills you need to develop for college success?

So many individuals bring old habits into a new environment. In order to reach your goals academically, remember organization is key!!

Something to think about,

Dr. Bryant

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