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College Success Tip #7

Obstacles Students Face

Within every college or university diversity is a common factor. During my years as an undergraduate, graduate school student, and professor I witnessed how in one classroom there are substantial differences individuals present. Students and professors display diversity in many ways including; values, thoughts, ideas, socioeconomic status, classification, and more. It is imperative for college students to respect their classmates, and professors, especially when one's language is different from their first language.

There are many college and university professors who lecture students all over the world, and it is important for students to understand that not every professor will speak their first language. To that end, there could be an obstacle in communication, because the college student has a hard time interpreting what is stated. If you are having issues understanding your professor here are a few tips to remember, to ensure progress during your academic career:

1. Sit in front of the Class

2. Steer clear from peers who speak negatively about the instructor's accent

3. Ask questions in a respectable manner

4. Speak to your instructor after class, regarding any questions concerns or complaints.

5. Take advantage of your professor's office hours

Giving you something to think about,

Dr. Bryant

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