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College Success Tip # 11

Should I apply to College?

Recently a client asked me if he should even consider applying to college due to unsatisfactory GPA and class rank. I informed him that he should. Although one's high school GPA or class rank is low, does not mean that college acceptance and completion is impossible. To be honest I did not have the best high school GPA or class rank but I remained determined and applied to as many colleges as I could, and when I was accepted I did the very best I could.

Similar to my client, there are many high school students, or high school graduates who did not perform at their highest expectations in high school and want to apply to colleges/universities. My suggestion is for individuals to step out on faith and apply. A few tips I gave my client are as follows:

1. Apply to at least 10 colleges and universities. Apply to local and state higher education institutions near you. If you are able to use to "Common Application" do so.

2. Study & Take the COMPASS, ACT and SAT tests.

3. For current high school students Maintain a respectful relationship with instructors and administrators, just in case you need a character reference letter.

4. Don't be discouraged when your receive a rejection letter. Take it as a blessing that GOD is ordering your steps to the right higher education institution, and your times are in GOD's hand.

5. Expect an acceptance letter, because it is on it's way.

6. Be encouraged. All you can do is apply and Pray for the Best. Familiarize yourself with the institution.

7. Understand that when you are focused and determined, despite your high school GPA and class rank you can accomplish alot as a future college student aiming for graduation.

8. Start making plans for your future.

** To update you on the client who inquired about applying to college, this student was accepted into a college 4 months after applying.

Giving you something to think about,

Dr. Bryant

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