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God Comes Through in Healing You - Bible Plan & Discussion Questions

The God Comes Through in Healing You - Bible Plan is available on the YouVersion Bible App. This 7 - day Bible Plan was produced to encourage higher education candidates, administrators, faculty and staff that God already healed every situation you are experiencing right now, in Jesus Christ. As you aim to complete your higher education goals in the midst of any personal struggle believe and receive healing in your mind, soul, body, relationships and even your finances.

The link is as follows:

Plan Description:

In God’s Word there are many times when God healed hurting individuals. Knowing that God is the ultimate healer is vital in one’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In the God Comes Through in Healing You Bible plan readers will discover through scripture how to seek God’s healing and restoration for each are of their lives.

Aiming towards the target,

Dr. Bryant

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