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Healthy Options Review:

This month’s Healthy Options Review features RIGONI di ASIAGO a family-owned company from Italy that produces delightful mouthwatering organic Fiordifutta Jams, Mielbio honeys and Nocciolata chocolate spreads. The BEPC blogging team was so excited when we received the package of RIGONI di ASIAGO goodies and we were equally interested to try each product for the BEPC Higher Ed Success: Healthy Options Review.

RIGONI di ASIAGO is a family business that excelled into an international brand. This family business prides itself in holding true to the original beliefs established by Nonna Elisa’s commitment to her love and respect for nature, tradition, innovation and genuine delicious flavors. RIGONI di ASIAGO is located in the Asiago Plateau (90 miles from Venice) and all of the company’s products have been & are currently produced there. All of RIGONI di ASIAGO’s products are certified organic and this company was one of the first companies in Europe to “go organic” in 1992. RIGONI di ASIAGO products come exclusively from organic farming and have an authentic, wholesome, high- quality taste that derives from the company’s process of selecting perfectly ripened fruit that is washed and frozen within hours of being harvested. RIGONI di ASIAGO utilizes low-temperature processing procedures to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of their basic ingredients. Each product from the RIGONI di ASIAGO Company is produced with high quality standards as their initial aim for customer satisfaction.

Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting was delighted with the opportunity to review a variety of RIGONI di ASIAGO products, which included:

Raspberry Fiordifrutta

Mielbio Organic Italian Acacia Raw Honey

Nocciolata Dairy-Free All Natural Organic-Hazelnut Spread

RIGONI di ASIAGO Raspberry Fiordifrutta consists of the following quality features:

* Made from only three ingredients; fruit, apple juice and natural fruit pectin.

* 100% organic


* Kosher Certified

* Gluten Free

RIGONI di ASIAGO Mielbio Organic Italian Acacia Raw Honey consists of the following quality features:


* Sodium Free

* 100% Raw Organic Italian Honey

* Kosher Certified

* Gluten Free

* Personally controlled and treated with care by the RIGONI di ASIAGO Family.

* Produced in unpolluted pure areas

* Free of antibiotics or chemicals for the cleaning of apiaries.

RIGONI di ASIAGO Nocciolata Dairy-Free All Natural Organic- Hazelnut Spread consists of the following quality features:


* 100% Organic

* Sodium Free

* Dairy- Free

* Kosher Certified

* Gluten Free

* Vegan Certified


I must say all of the RIGONI di ASIAGO products that I received were equally delicious but my favorite was the Nocciolata Dairy-Free All Natural Organic-Hazelnut Spread. The Nocciolata Hazelnut Spread didn’t make it a week in my refrigerator! This hazelnut spread is rich in taste and flavorful and another notable mention is that it is dairy-free. RIGONI di ASIAGO’s Mielbio Organic Italian Acacia Raw Honey is one of the sweetest, light, delectable brands of honey I’ve had. RIGONI di ASIAGO’s Raspberry Fiordifrutta is a fruit spread that is light and flavorful and it is one of my new replacements as it relates to fruit spreads. Knowing that RIGONI di ASIAGO Raspberry Fiordifrutta is made from only three ingredients is a rewarding and reassuring since I aim to eat as healthy as possible.

Although RIGONI di ASIAGO didn’t send me this product I took the initiative and purchased RIGONI di ASIAGO Dolcedi’ – A Natural Low-Glycemic Sweetener made from Organic Apples. I was so surprised that this sweetener was really sweet and low in sugar. Now, this product is a staple in my home and is a healthier alternative to granulated sugar. I utilize the RIGONI di ASIAGO Dolcedi’ in teas and other beverages.

Our Blogging Team Member Joyce enjoyed RIGONI di ASIAGO also, below is her personal review and additional comments:

“My favorite RIGONI di ASIAGO product was the Mielbio Italian Raw Acacia Honey. This honey is so sweet and satisfying and totally organic! I recommend this brand to anyone searching for a honey that is not only delicious but rich in texture and taste.”

Kendrea J. Bryant, M.Ed – BEPC Blogging Team

Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction c/o 2014

Texas Southern University

We want to thank RIGONI di ASIAGO for the opportunity to review their select products: Raspberry Fiordifrutta, Mielbio Organic Italian Acacia Raw Honey & Nocciolata Dairy-Free All Natural Organic-Hazelnut Spread. I along with the Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team encourage you to try the rich, authentic and organic variety of RIGONI di ASIAGO Products as you aim towards academic and healthy success.

For additional information, you can contact RIGONI di ASIAGO via:

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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