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Healthy Options Review: Love Grown

This month’s Healthy Options Review features LOVE GROWN a company “inspired by love and powered by nutrition” founded by Chief Love Officer, Maddy and Alex. LOVE GROWN shares similar viewpoints as BEPC as it relates to providing students with efficient health education so they can aim towards better healthy eating choices. LOVE GROWN is not only a business that seeks to produce quality health food choices but strives to passionately empower individuals especially children in eating healthy. LOVE GROWN believes in making great tasting foods with clean and simple ingredients.

The BEPC blogging team was so excited when we received the LOVE GROWN “LOVE DROP”. For those who are unaware of what a love drop is, it is characterized by all of the following:

  • gift of love given unexpectedly

  • a bunch of healthy goodies delivered to your door

  • a present that loves you back

(Thank you LOVE GROWN LOVE TEAM for the LOVE DROP!) The LOVE GROWN LOVE DROP included some of the LOVE GROWN’S featured products:

  • Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters

  • Sweet Cranberry Pecan Oat Clusters

  • Cranberry Almond Mighty Flakes Cereal

  • Frosted Mighty Flakes Cereal

A little more information about each LOVE GROWN product is below.

LOVE GROWN OAT CLUSTERS consists of the following attributes:

  • Made with certified Gluten-Free Oats

  • No Fillers


  • Natural ingredients

  • Low Sodium

  • Vegan

  • Kosher

  • No flours

  • Slow baked

  • Made with LOVE!

LOVE GROWN CEREALS consists of the following attributes:


  • Natural ingredients

  • Low Sodium

  • Low Fat

  • Cholesterol Free

  • Made with Bean Blend

  • Corn-Free

  • Wheat-Free

  • Kosher

  • Vegan

  • Gluten-Free

  • Made with LOVE!

Each LOVE GROWN product I received and reviewed was truly delightful! My favorite LOVE GROWN Oat Cluster flavor is the Sweet Cranberry Pecan. This light snack packs a powerful flavorful punch. The cranberries and pecans pair nicely together and the coconut pieces along with the hint of cinnamon makes this snack complete. I ate this snack straight out of the bag! I also enjoyed LOVE GROWN’S Cranberry Almond Mighty Flakes Cereal. This cereal did not make it past the day we received it, it was so delicious.

When I learned that all of LOVE GROWN’S cereals were made with garbanzo, navy and lentil beans I had to go take a seat. I told my family growing up that I would never, ever eat beans!!! But…… after eating LOVE GROWN’S Cranberry Almond Mighty Flakes Cereal, I first prayed letting God know that He is all knowing and how silly I was growing up saying what I would never do and……… I did the exact opposite and……. I……. enjoyed eating beans in this form. Then I had to tell my family of my error. But LOVE GROWN’S Cranberry Almond and Frosted Mighty Flakes cereals are now a key breakfast essential that I am confident about and absolutely enjoy. Another key benefit of this cereal is that is low in sodium. That is one area of concern when I shop for healthy food items, I aim to purchase low sodium products and LOVE GROWN hits the target.

Our Blogging Team Member Kendrea Bryant, M.Ed enjoyed LOVE GROWN also, below is her personal review and additional comments:

“Navy and lentils are not my idea of what a morning breakfast looks like and before trying LOVE GROWN I would have never considered eating beans, especially a blend of them. However, when I took my first bite of the sweet delicious cereal I could not put my spoon down and found myself pouring bowl after bowl.

Prior to eating LOVE GROWN’S Cranberry Almond Mighty Flakes Cereal, I had never considered eating dried fruit in cereal. I never liked the thought of it but I took a chance and was blown away with the sweet taste of cranberries, beans and the flavorful almond crunch.

LOVE GROWN’S Frosted Mighty Flakes blend is just as good. The impeccably sweetened frosted flakes compliment the beans and is beyond satisfying. LOVE GROWN has definitely been added to my morning breakfast and will remain a long time. Thank you, LOVE GROWN for creating a wonderful, healthy, superb cereal.”

Kendrea J. Bryant, M.Ed – BEPC Blogging Team

Masters in Education: Curriculum & Instruction c/o 2014

Texas Southern University

We want to thank LOVE GROWN for the opportunity to review their select products and a special thank you to KATIE and the LOVE GROWN LOVE TEAM! I along with the Bryant Educational Planning & Consulting blogging team encourage you to try the healthy, nutrition packed, delicious products produced by LOVE GROWN as you aim towards academic and healthy success.

For additional information, you can contact LOVE GROWN via:


Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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