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The Syllabus For Life's Course - Bible Plan & Discussion Questions

The Fall 2017 semester is approaching!! What an exciting time. Even in the midst of the excitement not only is one's focus to be primarily on advancing academically but spiritually as well. Students as you make plans to excel in higher education don't forget that God is above all and to spend time in his word also.

The Syllabus For Life's Course - Bible Plan is available on the YouVersion Bible App today.

The link is as follows:

Plan Description:

We are currently enrolled one of the most challenging courses we will ever have to take - Life. God has provided each of his students a detailed curriculum that includes: Our Course description, expectations, assignments, learning outcomes and conference hours. In this Bible plan students will discover that God’s Holy word serves as the required Syllabus for our life’s course.

Complete the 8-day Bible plan as you remain encouraged in God's word in Higher Education.

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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