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Aim - Bible Plan & Discussion Questions

The Aim - Bible Plan is available on the YouVersion Bible App today. The Aim Bible Plan & Discussion Questions are available on the BEPC Online Store Today. This Bible plan is an essential encouraging resource for not only Higher Education students but for faculty, staff, administrators and family members. The Aim - Bible Plan focuses on completing the plans of God all while aiming towards the target of spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, academic and financial success.

Bible Plan Description:

God has purposely placed desires and goals in our hearts to fulfill. God-centered goals are designed to bring glory and honor to God. In the Aim Bible Plan, through scripture the reader will absorb the importance of distinguishing between God honoring, biblical goals and selfish ambitions, whilst aiming towards the intended target to achieve the purpose and plans GOD has for their lives that honor him no matter the opposition.

Visit the YouVersion Bible App today and get engaged in this 6 - Day devotional.

You can click the link below or the photo to be directed to the Bible Plan.

Aiming towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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