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Kendrea & The Dream Thief - Bible Plan

The "Kendrea & The Dream Thief" - Bible plan is available on the YouVersion Bible App. This 7 - day Bible Plan was produced to encourage children, families, individuals & parents to trust God's power in every situation they face spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, academically and socially. God has the power to turn every situation around.

The link is as follows:

Plan Description:

Where words have power and victories are won, join Kendrea as she defeats the Dream Thief. God has equipped all of his children with a measure of faith to exercise when faced with various trials. Actively walking with the Holy Spirit produces God given dreams into reality. This short story and divine devotional will encourage and enrich all children, parents and guardians with the word of God.

Peace & God Bless

Kendrea J. Bryant, M.Ed

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