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College Success Tip # 35 - Study Essentials

For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it.

Luke 14:28

When it’s time to get into your zone of focus as it relates to studying, it is important to have the proper essentials for a successful study session. I have listed a few items I recommend every student should have with them during a productive study session.

Top TEN Study Essentials:

  1. Study Room or Study Area – In order to effectively study it is important to utilize an area where you will maximize your educational target of studying. Be sure to choose a distraction free zone or an area that is designated for study. If you are studying at home inform your family and friends this is your study area and ask them to respect the area for a few hours, if they are invested in your academic aims they will be sure to respect you and your time.

2. Prayer & Declarations – Before you study it is important to get your mind right. Say a prayer to God to keep you focused and on target as it relates to your study goal and then speak positive God-honoring declarations out loud to guide your mind to stay focused on the task at hand.

3. Pen or Pencil. – In order to study it is wise to have a pen or pencil handy just in case you discover some new information, you will be equipped and ready to write it down.

4. Highlighter – Highlighters are excellent tools for guiding the learner in new material that is important that needs a little attention to comprehend and understand.

5. Paper/Journal/Notebook – Having a journal is essential to write down additional notes and to develop new outlines whilst studying. Also it is a good idea to have paper handy when new revelations and ideas come to mind.

6. Note cards – Note cards are great for individuals who need to learn definitions or who want to write information down in short concise paragraphs or sentences. Be sure to organize Note cards with paper clips or rubber bands, so things won’t get shuffled around.

7. Textbook/Subject Matter – In order to effectively study it is always a great idea to have the central focus of study in front of you and that can be in the form of a textbook, workbook, power point slides or even hand outs. For those individuals studying subject matters in music or art and you have to be in front of an object schedule time if necessary to get the maximum time to study what needs to be reviewed.

** For example – When I was working on my Undergrad degree in Music my major focus was Piano. There were several times I had piano tests that included the textbook with definitions but I additionally had to go to practice rooms to physically utilize the piano if I was not at a home.

8. Watch/Timer – Be mindful of how long you study and when you take breaks. This is essential to avoid burn out and to keep you on track as it relates to your educational study goals.

9. Snacks & Water – Hydration is key! Be sure to bring a lightweight snack with you.

10. Technology – IPad, Computer, Smart Phone, Phone or Calculator. Technology is useful for study sessions but make sure that you utilize the technology for the purpose of studying and not for social media releases or conversations that will get you off track. Be mindful of who you converse with during your sessions, if it isn’t your family and if the people you are conversing with have nothing to do with your study goals or assignment, it is only a distraction.

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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