College Success Tip # 56 - Overcome Being Overwhelmed.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

College applications

Letters of Recommendations

Gathering of Transcripts

Application Fees

Academic/Career Resumes

College enrollment

Selecting courses for the semester


Meetings with Academic Advisors, Deans, Department Chairs

School Supply Lists

College clubs & organizations

Personal life

Family life

Drink water

Social life

Professional life

Study time

Lunch time

Break time

Sleep………….What sleep?

Healthy snacks………….. Oh yeah I need to get on that..

Exercise……Oh, yeah I’ve been slacking, Gotta pick that back up.


Outside organizations

Paying bills

Being a responsible adult

Teacher conferences

Set the alarm

Course syllabus

Follow your schedule

First days of class

Morning classes

Friday classes

Pick up the kids

Late night classes

……….Arghhh…..Weekend classes




Rent textbook….

Unexpected situations

Negative distractions

Online classes

New friendship


Birthday party

Purchase the textbook

Class participation

Group work

Notice of late fees from the registrar


I should drink more water

Text messages


Birthday celebrations

Group projects


Individual projects

Go to the library

Taking a God-honoring risk

Ended friendships

Phone calls

Field trips

Creative Ideas

Hearing people talk about being purged from class

Site visits

Visit the computer lab


Positive distractions

Pay tuition before 5:00….. aww man, it’s 4:58p.m…... I’ve got time.

Dealing with people’s personalities and disrespect

Declaring God’s promises


Believing God for what you’ve been praying for that no one knows about.

Final exams

Am I drinking enough water

Write down my vision


Ummmm who is calling me blocked!

Extra credit

Waiting for grades to posts

Grades posted……

Return rented books

Take a nap


Thank God!


Semester begins in 3 weeks……….

Time to repeat the cycle allll over again!

And what a cycle it is! With so much responsibility and accountability a Higher education student endures it is so easy to get overwhelmed. But focus on your journey a day at a time and with time, it will come with ease. Many times, students look at the list of t