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College Success Tip # 61 - Consider Tutoring!

We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.

Romans 15:1

College students consider tutoring if you are having a hard time grasping course content or if you just want to receive more knowledge about a specific subject matter.

There is nothing wrong with going to tutoring. Going to tutoring doesn't mean your dumb or that you are a slow learner. Tutoring is designed to enhance one's knowledge and bring about a clearer understanding so students can excel academically in the classroom.

Tutoring done right builds your Academic Muscles.

Higher Education students, parents, spouses, family members, friends and educators if you know of an individual in your life struggling to retain information or having a hard time in a course, mention tutoring to them.

Higher Education Students be mindful not all tutoring sessions are beneficial for the student, but it is important that the student makes an effort and takes the initiative to attend at least one tutoring session from their peers, Teacher's Assistant or even the professor to see the layout of the tutoring session and the knowledge of the tutor.

If everything is legit make an effort to come back CONSISTENTLY. If you only have one question just go once, but if you have issues on a variety of concepts go back again and again until the information is understandable to you.

Simply stated, Go to Tutoring as Needed!

But if you run into an issue where the tutoring session is lacking in delivery of assisting individuals in course content, at least and you now able to make the decision to never go back to "that particular tutoring session" with "that particular tutor" again.

Higher Education Students begin making AIMS on your academic progress.

In some tutoring sessions targeted to assist Higher Education students, many notable benefits are discovered which include the following from my observations over the course of many years:

* The student receiving tutoring is now able to comprehend, digest and share information in a way that confirms understanding.

* The Student's confidence level has boosted now because they are no longer insecure about what they don't know or understand, the student finally has a grasp on the course content.

* Students have a direct outlet to receive tutoring help and can plan their schedules accordingly to attend as needed.

* The Higher Education student is in the position to develop academic associations in their tutoring groups or with the Professor.

* The Higher Education student begins to develop into an independent learner and thinker and is responsible and accountable for their Higher Education Academic Success.

* Tutoring allows students to receive the assistance needed for key concepts and principles to resonate for comprehension.

* Tutoring also allows the student to see that there are resources on campus to utilize that can be beneficially vital for their overall Higher Education Success.

Higher Education Students it is okay to consider tutoring from a knowledgable, respected instructor, tutor, teacher's assistance or peer.

Make sure all tutoring sessions are tutoring sessions related to the course content in question, nothing else.

If things go south or distractions are frequent consider jumping ship and finding the right tutoring session for you.

Keep Aiming Higher Education Students!

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards The Target,

Dr. Bryant

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