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College Success Tip # 59 - Review The Lecture!

Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say.

Isaiah 28:23

Higher education students it is vital that you understand that you will NOT retain information if you don't Review it!

There are times when a higher education student will be in class and a new concept is revealed to them and at that moment it appears that one understands it fully but when it's time to go home or to the library to build on previous knowledge sometimes basic concept are quickly forgotten and the student is scratching their head trying to figure out how to I solve the issue of not retaining information or forgetting what they just learned or what they thought they understood. You will hear students express to the professor, family, friends or the tutor I had it together in class, but when I got home or decided to study .............

This happens more than you know but as it relates to Higher Education students studying. There is extreme importance as it relates to taking the initiative to review the lecture. There are major benefits when students take the initiative and review the course lecture after each class session.

Reviewing the lecture is key. When Higher Education students take the time to review the lecture right after class or within a reasonable amount of time that information remains fresh, especially when you understand what is going on. And when the Higher Ed student reviews the information over..and...over...and....over again it becomes apart of their memory where they not only remember the information but they are able to articulate what is going on with understanding.

Higher Education students AIM to not allow too much time to pass before reviewing notes, course lectures and studying because distractions are inevitable. The goal is to review the lecture to enhance your study routine and for you to grasp and understand the information better.

Keep Aiming!

Peace & God Bless,

Aiming Towards the Target,

Dr. Bryant

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